by Magicbeast20
Escape before the Crypt kills you!
The latest version of Crypthead is now available for play and download. I've also updated the .exe handler which can be downloaded at

I've began implementing subscriber benefits, while also improving the overall gameplay experience. Now, if players have enable help turned on they should receive display messages offering helpful information. Players also now have the ability to vote on a new map!

Here's all the changes in this version:
+ CHANGED Increased timer for AI monster to spawn
+ ADDED Interactive help
- Toggle enable help in lobby option settings
+ ADDED Players can now vote to change the map
+ ADDED Monster_2 special attack is now an axe
+ ADDED Various background objects
+ ADDED New Monsters *Subscribers only
+ ADDED Nightvision Goggles *Subscribers only
+ ADDED Female Counselor 3