Greetings, warrior-poets.

My name (on BYOND and the Internet, of course) is BlackLynx3 and I joined around 2014. My history with BYOND actually extends a little farther back to 2011, as at that time I chose not to make an account yet thanks to things happening in my life at home. I am a relatively old-hand player from the Space Station 13 community, which was introduced to me by my brother, of all things. Back in 2011, when life was simultaneously more turbulent but far more simple than it is now, I was looking for space-themed games with a bit of a sandbox theme and had played some very obscure games before that. I also enjoy stuff like fantasy and a bit of anime, so the engine provides some very interesting niches.

So, why the hello on the forums now, after almost seven years? I thought I would send greetings to the BYOND community at large, as I now also play the excellent and smaller Sigrogana Legends 2 and the engine running these games has gotten me through some rough spots in life. I may make a rare appearance here or there, or simply fade into obscurity as it is the custom of lurkers. Now, I am moving to yet another house and hopefully a better place. Glad both SS13 and SL2 persevere throughout and hope it stays that way as long as BYOND remains alive, it's nice to meet you all.

Welcome, old timer.

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