Bleach: Soul Society

by LordEspada
Bleach: Soul Society
BLN 2021 | PVE / PVP | 30+ Classes | Frequent Updates

v1.2.8 Update

Movement Speed has been redone for all Releases Seperated into Tiers now.
Tier 1 Ichigo Shikai Non-Ress Arrancar
Tier 2 All Releases for Quincy, Sado, Inoue, Weaponist, Shikai/Bankai, and Ress.
Tier 3 Ichigo Bankai and Byakuya Bankai.
Attack Speed has also been reworked the Speed Skill tree increases attack speed alot better than before at all times instead of only in releases.
That being said Releases also increase attack speed by a static amount for all levels of Speed Skill Tree Purchased.
Houses are in and on Earth I have not marked them as I will need to code in some purchasable furniture and turfs so you can custom make your own house basically
Irooni has been adjusted I hope it is working better
Any bugs to report for this update or anything else please keep them coming as we are working on fixing alot of different things.
Info for the Next update is on our Discord