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if you have an associated list, and do list[item] = null, the associated entry still exists, setting item to null, in terms of memory usage this is different from if item had never been assigned to an associated list item.

patreon discord:
[2:01 PM] Lummox JR: Can you throw up a feature request for some kind of association deletion? I'd like to put that on the hot list for 515 and maybe we can get some brainstorming.

also, see: ID:2125668. If we can do list = list.keys to remove associated info that would also help for clearing all associated items, useful if the associated items were really just a faster way of doing &= to avoid dupes

Adding that there's a workaround for this on an individual basis:

list += item

This will remove the list[item] association but won't impact any copies of item already in the list. However a better built-in solution is desirable.