BYONDiscord's been going through some changes lately that are fairly exciting.

BYONDiscord Hub

We've added the BYONDiscord hub, which allows users to create their own channels and manage their permissions so you can talk about your projects, or just shout at clouds or whatever.

Forum integration

We've also integrated big chunks of the forum into our server's main channel categories. Developer Help, BYOND Help, Bug Reports, and Beta Bugs will all crosspost into the appropriate channels. This should help the community stay aware of what's shaking in the BYOND developer world.

It was also decided that the hard-working developers on BYOND deserve some recognition for their efforts, so we've integrated Game Updates to automatically crosspost into our developer showcase alongside our users' own submissions for everyone's viewing pleasure.

In addition, our intrepid and dyspeptic LummoxJR implemented the ability to jump to the last page of a forum thread, allowing us to integrate a more reliable BYOND build tracker that should automatically notify the community when that new hotness is fresh out the oven and on the cooling rack.

Finally, we scanned Spevacus' brain and built Botvacus, who will be crossposting BYOND and Within into our News and Updates channel from now on!

Hop on in the snuggle pile!

BYONDiscord's becoming a really wholesome place, and while the gender ratio is decidedly one-sided, we're not gonna turn anyone away from the big ol' dang ol' love-in.

Jump in, cop a feel, and see how you like it!
Good work!
Why would you call it a snuggle pile and not a cuddle puddle? tf

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