It's been a hot week, but despite the heat I've managed to get quite a lot done. None of it ended up being particle-related yet, but that's coming.

In the meantime some weird bugs piled up, including gliding issues. Apparently 514.1553 is the gift that keeps on giving, because not only did it introduce a hidden crasher (resolved in 1556) but some of the eye sync code was wrong in other ways, on both the server and client ends, that didn't show up in the test project I was using to fix gliding in the first place. Thank goodness I had the foresight to leave all that gliding debug stuff in, toggled by a #define, so I could turn it back on quickly as needed.

Other miscellany has included a problem with alpha masking that took forever to track down and fix, an ancient bug with savefile-from-text parsing, a nasty bug with the compiler on large projects, and also working on a bug in the reference that I was blaming on Chrome but turned out to be my fault. (I still hate Chrome anyway.) The compiler bug was kind of interesting because it turned out to be tripping over a 2-byte limit that never got replaced, but never needed to be until now. SS13 once again grew to a point where it was possible to break the compiler in ways I hadn't seen before, but this is honestly one of the things I love best about SS13, because it pushes development forward.

I think I'd like to get 514.1557 and its fixes out next week, though in the meantime I want to see what I can do on the particle front. There are some other issues here and there to look at, but mostly I want to focus on getting 514 buttoned up. And that alone is gonna be a process, because the main particle request I still have on my plate is a big one.

More news at BYONDiscord: more webhooks have been added to help drive traffic to help topics that need it, which is good for the forum and for the Discord. I made a change to BYOND's OpenGraph meta tags to accommodate some of that.

Thanks again to all of BYOND's Members and other supporters such as on Patreon and SubscribeStar. Your contributions keep the lights on and make all this continued development possible.

I may do something crazy and grill a steak this weekend. It's been ages and I'm due. Or... I may not. But no matter what, I'm not going back to the Lego store this weekend because I'm not allowed to.