I cant join any games, or see any active games on the client. i can only join games via the website. and can only join games through the client by the replay button.

things ive tried.. a completely factory restore of my computer.. and my byond client tells me connection to the byond hub has failed
Hi! I've made your comments on this thread a new thread, as your issue seems different. Yours was a problem with you, yourself, connecting to games, while the one described there was that user's specific game disappearing from the hub.

As to your problem, this sounds like a firewall might be mucking with you. What antivirus programs do you run, and if you turn them off/uninstall them, what happens when you try to use the pager again?
i actuly found the problem it was my wifi reciever since ive been hooked to a cable the problem has fixed itself but thanks for responding