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so ive been checking the admin notices on a server i was playing, found out i got a warning on a round, went to check the round replay and found out someone else was playing with my Ckey. ive changed all my passwords and done scans of my pc to make sure there is nothing on it BUT, ive also read there is a way for hackers to get your account token and use that to bypass the need to use a password.

are there any other measures i need to take to make sure this doesn't continue?
do i need to ask someone to change the token or what ever?
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It shouldn't be at all possible for someone to use your account on a server that authenticates with the hub, unless they have your password.

I just checked, and your account has had no recent logins from anyone but you.
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ok that is good to know, it might not have been so recent, ive only now caught up to it.