Just Chatting

by Stargate_Offic
Just Chatting
BYONDS newest chat server
So as some of you may know I've been developing my own Stargate Game (Stargate: BYOND) but honestly I was feeling a bit burnt out from fixing bugs and I decided to start a new project, something that I was at least interested in (community) and was relatively simple to make (in theory).

Thats where Just Chatting comes in to play, I don't ever plan on making something as awesome as the now famous Chatters Chat rooms by Xooxer, but I was inspired by that project to make something of my own.

There is a rudimentry profile system in play which I created myself using the BYOND interface and honestly, it works pretty well.

The whole point of the server is to communicate, so I'd like to, at some point, add in message commands, the ability to private message users and also mention other users in chat. (I havent quite figured that bit out yet), but I love BYOND. I've been making things on here since I was 12 years old (now 28) so my love of programming (however small my ability) came from this website.

I plan on updating the project as it moves along and at some point (Should there be enough interest) provide host files so you can host your own custom server as well.

The server is currently running on an external Ubuntu installation using the Linux command line. WHich in theory should mean 24/7 hosting and practically no down time. (I'm already paying for the server space, so why not put it to good use)

Anyway, Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope to see you all on 'Just Chatting'