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First, let me explain my problem. My game uses a login system that calls a username and password (created on my website) and once the player connects to my game they see a login box asking for their information. This information is gathered from a MySQL database. Once the form is complete the user is given the "Username" variable as their username and their save files are named after their usernames.

Now, when the player has the byond pager running, by default it assigns the byond key as the key currently logged into the pager however, if the pager is not running the "Guest" key is assigned. For most games, this normally wouldn't be a problem however when the player creates a character with their registered "byond key" while the pager is open then they attempt to load that same character from another key (or the guest key), it simply crashes dream seeker.

I have tried to remedy this issue by changing the "key" variable to an empty value when the player is fully loaded but, this causes the same problem, seeker crashing upon trying to load.

My question is... Is it possible to disable the "key" variable or change it's value in anyway without it causing seeker to crash?
I think you mean DS is closing, not crashing. A crash is very serious, but DS will just disconnect in the event of a key conflict.

When it comes to these kinds of issues, terminology is everything.
Okay but... That doesn't actually answer my question.
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To prevent a var from loading, you can remove it from the savefile before loading from the savefile.
mob/player // type of player mob being loaded
data.dir -= "key" // must be before ..()
..() // load variables from the savefile

I'm pretty sure setting client.mob to a mob with a different key would just change the mob's key to the client's key. I don't know why that would close the client.

Setting the mob's key to null would definitely cause its client to disconnect, though.
Okay, I'll give this a shot. Thank you for your input.


Thank you, your recommendation was a success.