It seems no matter how hard i try i can't download the hosting files for naruto wild draw 3. I keep getting the error

Downloading Naruto - Wild Draw (23300986 bytes).
Failed to download data (Error parsing header CONTENT-TYPE: application/zip x-zip (x-zip)).

Is there something i have to change in the settings or something?
That's a problem with the file you are trying to download, meaning it's completely out of your hands save for nudging the owner and telling them to fix their download file.

This also is not the place for this type of post. This post would belong on the forum of that game you are trying to download, however if you really had to post it on this forum, I'd suggest the BYOND Website Problems, or General Information. BYOND Help Guild is for suggestions for the BYOND Help Guild, I know it's stupid, but I don't make the guild.