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Yo bem. If you see this i just want to know if you still have your Star Wars RP source because me and some other guys are trying to bring the game back but have had limmited success with finding a source we have some coders and stuff so if you give us the source im sure we can fix it up since last time i heard you speak of it you said something along the lines of it being broken. So yea please, and thank you if you can.
ur a faget
why you dont put back dragon ball game
What happen to Dragon Ball Anthology man?
Is there any chance of Naruto New Dawn being brought back at all? I remember some good RP on it, whereas nowadays any other RP server I try and jump into seems to be a contest for biggest/most obnoxious Anime cliche with no redeeming RP factor.

Anywho, just was just wondering if there's any plans to revive it in the foreseeable future. Cheers!