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Hey Asakura, Look forward to playing your naruto game :)
Gratz on the 5 years of grate games Asakuraboy!
how u awaken ur demon or curse mark? and how many s rank jutsu are there?
Level up, use it/have it take control of you more and kill people while it's active.

There's about 12 S rank techs.
Is only one person allowed a specific Bijuu, (I.E. can more than one person have Nibi, etc?)
Aye, only one person to a bijuu. They're a little bit OP once you have them under control. :)
Been a long time. How ya doin?
Are you back to BYOND too ^^?
Kind of :p
Ayeeeee lol. Let's work together sometime or at least keep in touch.
hey you used to like my spirit world game check out some of my posts i plan on making a new game called noko im going to actually complete it even if i have to get a second job to pay for it