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by Enigmaster2002
Icon Ultima
The only published game in its genre.
Hi, I met Byond a month ago. And the reason was SS13, but I'm wondering what kind of infinite number of games with online from 30 to 0 or those that are generally impossible to play. Can anyone suggest where to find a video or wiki about this game and other Byond games. Thanks to those who answered.
And. What does it mean?

I am Latvian Russian and use translater. It is not clear what I am writing?
I've brought back the unofficial server for awhile (ie I'm going to try to keep it running until at least August). I had trouble trying to get it to work and I'm having to run it on an old version of BYOND - so if you're having trouble with it, try rolling back to build 513.1528

Stop by if you're feeling nostalgic!
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