Naruto, Ninja Arts!

by Asakuraboy
Naruto, Ninja Arts!
A long standing Byond game, continually updated, that progresses alongside the series. Challenge the world of Ninjas, alone or alongside friends to discover your Nindo!
In response to Asakuraboy
Hm..convincing a person to come back or what not? Eh...that's above what I do already. I'm a busy person. If hosting is needed, I'm here for the time being.
So what you mean is:
- I want your host files
- I probably won't be here for very long
- I won't do anything to actually host the game

Nice, see ya.
In response to Asakuraboy
Your taking my words too direct.

I will host if you want. It can be up 24/7, not including the the downtime for maintenance and etc.

My point is: I'm not about to search for no one.

If this is what I'm suppose to expect, that's something. ^_^
so the games dead and no one is willing to give away the host files
if you are i want the host files so i can host the game
you guys would play nna if someone would use his source and update?
In response to Reem16
bjisboss is often found on rise of the pirates.
New Forums for the up coming nna
whyyyy were these host files never released? T.T
can we get an updated update log plz?
join nna new updates traits/perks new events better and easier training 24/7 updates and we always listen to what our players have to say and act on it rite away if possible

come throw your ideas explore our new maps,fight our new bosses more updates to come
Every one needs to play this game and help the community grow, its one of the better Naruto games on byond.
How come every time I come back to play my NNA points are gone? I thought we had this automated...
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