Murder Mansion

by SuperSaiyanGokuX
Murder Mansion
Not for the faint of heart...
i find the controlls jerkish and wonky, it moves around the camera not really centering alot on the players character. I also find the AI to be moronic and random. Other than that its interesting and i see potental if you work on it more.
Hey can you make it so that when you run into another person with an item equipped or the Fist it attacks? Would be simpler and more effective I think.
The music selection in MM has slowly been expanded over the years, from the default song as the original (and only) to what's in there today.

Most of the current music options were added after a meticulous selection process that consisted of the following steps:

1) Google search for "spooky/scary/creepy/Halloween/etc midis"
2) Find lists of such midis on several sites that were leftovers from the 90's with flashing .gif graphics and crappy layouts (like: )
3) Look through lists for anything that I knew and decided would be cool to add (mostly the well-known horror theme songs)
4) Listen to anything that I didn't know, but had a cool name to see if it sounds cool and "fits" MM. Add them if they meet the discerning criteria.

It was step 4 that you have to thank for the addition of Danse
How can I import more music into the game? I found some more midis i like but i dont know how to put them in.
I don't suppose anyone still has a download of the original old version, do they?
In response to T1migi
Probably. I'll look later.
they say to this day t1migi is still waiting for the original old version
Dude, I fuckin miss BYOND.
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