Pokemon TCG (The Card Game)

by GhostAnime
Pokemon TCG (The Card Game)
The name states it all.

This game has been discontinued

Nintendo has made their own PTCGO (about time).

Please note that this game is downloadable! You do not have to wait for a server to be hosted!

If you want to make a bug report or a suggestion, please go here:
https://spreadsheets.google.com/ embeddedform?formkey=dDNrOG1LNnRTWlFLSmhRWms5ZmhzS1E6MQ

I am (still) currently working on the next update which will fix up the majority of the problems.

Hint: Use Custom cards to your advantage.
Let's say you have want a custom card named "[key]'s Umbreon".
You can place the name of the card as "___'s Ubreon" (or type your key in full) and have "Eevee" as its evolution. Simple.

Sept. 8/10 (v. 1.2.11):
- Done a majority of bug fixing
- Added tabs in the battle chat. This allows you to toggle between the battle and OOC output
+ To talk in OOC, you can use the "!" interface button
- Doing a few more bug fixes right now, sorry for being spam'd with the upgrade messages.

Sept. 6/10 (Version 1.2):
Please report bugs in my member site post.
- Fixed up many things from the old version.
- Introduced Gym Challenge series
- Ditto, Lt. Surge's Secret Plan and Chaos Gym haves been banned. This is due to their card properties which makes it hard to assimilate in the system at this point, due to the changing system.
- Brock's Ninetales had its pokemon power removed (due to the above reason). Gave it the attack flamethrower isntead.
- Misty's Psyduck (Gym Challenge 70) had its ESP attack tweaked so it doesn't conflict with the system
- ___'s Spinarak, a LIMITED card, is only available to those who helped test the game and/or provided enough support (ex: bug reporting)!
- ___'s Ariados has been introduced as a LIMITED card as well. As of yet, there'll be no way to earn this card. I may have it as a prize for a Grass-theme tournament...maybe...

Dec. 8/09:
Made a really old version as the default download, this is the faster version.

If you have a broken host version, uninstall the game and redownload :)

If you get a null.x error, the swapmap file somehow was not extracted. Download the file, rename to .zip and extract the map_battletemplate.sav into the appropriate dir (where the game RSC and DMB is). Note that this version will not give you all the medals!


The latest REALLY buggy host file is found here.

To see the map in this version, you must edit the skin. To edit the skin, run the game > file > options & messages > client > edit skin.

1) replace the skin with the contents of this zip or
2) Open the DME present. Edit the 'main' window - double click the middle of the screen (so the edit window for "child" appears) and check off visible. Then edit the 'mainwindow' element and do the same thing as above (editing the child "mainwindowelement").
Compile (ctrl+K) the DME file and run the pokemon game once again - now the map will appear!

April 30/09:
Really minor update, added in sleeves (can select using change sleeve verb).

Mar 17/09:

Latest update:
You no longer get a loss for skipping a battle (unless you are facing another client!)

In addition, made a new * ??? card: reincarnation. You will need to use this to get two of the medals (hint: you need to somehow retrieve this card from the discard pile as well!)

Should be able to face others now :)

I suggest you start a new character so you can try to win the hardest medal: Battle Master!

Note that people joining a hosted game doesn't work in this version (so I edited the HUB to single player). V2, if it comes out, will have this and many other problems fixed.

If the latest version doesn't download, uninstall the last pokemon card version via the Pager > My Hub > Edit > Pokemon TCG > Uninstall

Have trouble hosting? There's a high chance that you have a router and it is blocking the port!
Click here to make your server so people can connect.
You can see if people are able to join your server by hosting in Dream Daemon first, it will notify you if the port is open or closed

Current series in the game:

  • Base set
  • Jungle
  • Fossil
  • Team Rocket
  • Gym Heroes
  • GameBoy Promo Cards
  • Imakuni? Promo Cards
This game is good
Running a poll for PKMN TCG2, please take a moment and let your opinion be heard!

please someone host this game i wanna play please
Phoenix Prince wrote:
please someone host this game i wanna play please

For future reference, this game is downloadable...
GhostAnime wrote:
Phoenix Prince wrote:
please someone host this game i wanna play please

For future reference, this game is downloadable...

I'ma host it 24/7 If this game is fun :D
This game is awesome
Please read the description in the overview for the latest buggy version and how to fix it
I dont get how the prize system works on here, I mean last time I played the TCG, you won after you take 3 of the prizes from your opponent
Coolman1250 wrote:
I dont get how the prize system works on here, I mean last time I played the TCG, you won after you take 3 of the prizes from your opponent

That's the case if there was only three prizes, in which case you are using a semi-deck (deck of 30 cards, think of a split starter set).

In the official rules, to win a game, you need to pick up all 6 prizes (someone can always pull a lucky streak when they have a single prize card left, happened to me before). Other ways to win is if you the opponent has no more Pokemon or can't pick up any more cards at the beginning of their turn.

The game you played where you won after taking three is just one method of cutting down time spent on the game. I _MAY_ implement a system like that once I am done work and school, having free time (which is nearly impossible at this point).
First one to have old is gold medal.
Bug: Charizards attack fire spin says discard 2 fire energy cards attached to charizard in order to use this attack.

But when you use Fire spin it doesn't take away 2 energy cards , it only takes away one.

Picture of it, incase you didn't notice it :
http://s735.photobucket.com/albums/ww359/ Volcomkewl/?action=view¤t=Bugwithcharizard.jpg
how do u get out of the starting room i cant figure it out
Are you considering actually still working on this project or what? I saw your blog post and it looks like you've been considering dropping it and if that's the case I would love to look off and see how you did a few things for my own PTCG project.

You can contact me on MSN :

[email protected]
how come no one is playing this game? please play!!
In case no one has seen the body text, PTCG has been discontinued as Nintendo has started their own PTCGO.