Builders Fantasy

by Sharp
Builders Fantasy
Submerge yourself into a life you create. Interact with a world, you help to shape.
Anyone got the source/host files? Still waiting on them.
Online 6/22/18
Aye let's get this online one more time for the hell of it. Tweet me. @veryleafy

(I guess I'm literally the only person that checks back on this game lmao)
really wish i could play this game again
Dude give us a heads up when you host it. I'd love to jump on when it goes live.
If I recall, the source files exist (Especially of back when it was still winter/christmas ingame)

But the one who has it (I forgot who, but they run a PKMN game on BYOND) is refusing to make it open or give the source files in respect of one of the coders who trusted him with it, which sucks because I want to bring this up as a hang-out place for friends that may or may not eventually remind some people of the good olde days of BYOND, even when they were not a part of it.

Plus I was always curious how this/that worked, what secrets I never found out. And maybe to make it run/look more smoother. :)
It's a shame we won't see those files reach the light of day. I still check on this project regularly for some weird reason.
Same here Bigtea, I keep checking up on it in hopes they being it back up somehow or something...
it's a shame, had so much fun playing BF
Had a lot of fun times playing this, I also check back every so often to see if something has changed with it.

I probably wouldn't have the same feelings or any of the friends I played with, but I'd like to indulge in the nostalgia for a little while.
Good to know that I'm not the only one lol
I really miss this game, I wish someone would host, just so I could go back to old times for a short while.
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