Bleach Resolve

by Michael1234
Bleach Resolve
Bokoa wrote:
Bleach Resolve doesn't aim to "become the most popular Bleach game on BYOND"

Please vote for BR!

A bit contradictory, wouldn't you think?

Not really. That site doesn't show the popularity of all Bleach games on BYOND, so it can't be used as a reference y'know =P.

And what the creators of Bleach Resolve aim to do is make a fun game. Popularity is a bonus.
Alright, I see where you're coming from. I'd like to note that it's nice to see someone with good grammar plays this game xD. You know it's funny, most of the top games on that list aren't even up anymore? xD. You'd think that would disqualify them.
Sorry that the game keeps going down I am currently having problems with my electricity. I will have the game back up as soon as I can.
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