Elemental Warfare

by Archfiend Master
Elemental Warfare
Elemental Warfare is a pvp type game where you try to master the Elements. There are a lot of great and new ideas in the game so give it a try. (Beta Testing)
I say the whole fusing would be a great idea and would be able to be done. But at the moment I don't have the icons to do something like that so I will put that idea on the back burner until I can find an icon artiest or i get around to giving it a shot.
Some ideas from me :D.


Human race Proven to have more Inteligence, but low mana, but thanks to their ability to learn quickly they do more damage from mana attack,but arent great at combat unless with weapon.

Fairy: Large Mana amount they work with using mana, and mana damage they have low combat with hand to hand, and weapons other than Staffs that give Mana boosts. Overall A Manafull race.

Titan: Deal with hand to hand combat they have low amounts of mana, and doesnt do well with mana other than changing their skin so it turns a gray shade, and become extremly hard.

Boosts: Having a certain Race, and race will boost your stats just from having that class.

Human Boosts": Humans could have a 3% increase in mana damage. Like taking the 3% of their mana damage, and adding it to their mana damage, and that would be their amount of damage they do.
2% increase in int.
4% increase when using a sword/weapon

Fairy: 7% increase in mana, and mana damage

Titan: 10% increase in str/def

These may need to be increased later so it can actually be effective xd.

Weapons change: Weapons should be changed according to their stats. Such as You need a Certain amount of stats to equip a weapon. Saying the tri sword you may need 550 str to equip or something like that.

Armor the same thing need a certain amount of def. to equip a certain armor.

That would help people to actually understand what they want their build to be instead of all over the place.

Weapon masters.

Types of weapons:

Double edged blade (Does more damage Double edged blades makes you move slower )

One edged blade (Increases atk speed, and a bit of mana damage)

Mana staff (Increases Mana, and mana damage)

Knuckle busters (Increases Atk damage dramaticly)

All classes, and races can use any of these, but it depends on your stat build on what you can use.

Like to use Double edged blade you need more Str, and a bit of def.

Mana staff you need more Mana, and int

Knuckle Busters you need more Str lots of str.

A bit more info:

Races can have these special skills that only they can get. So here's the skills they can get

Only 1 per race :P.

Human: Second wind It restores Stamina (a bit more about that in my next post.

Fairy: Mana Conductor which means they can obsorb Mana from the surrounding air for 20 seconds upon activation

Titan: Harden Able to reduce the amount of damage they take for 5 seconds.

Some new items :D.
Moons ore weapon series:
Series is a set of weapons, and armor droped by certain mobs. Moon like creatures.

Moon Blade: The Moon blade Increases mostly mana, and a bit of str.

Moonbacklash: Increases Def, and str

Moon Mana staff: Increases Int, and mana

Moon knucklebusters: Increases Atk dramaticly

All moon weapons come with a certain passive they automatically increases a bit of Hp once equiped.

Sun Series:
Now from the moons series you should be able to tell nothing is really special about these exept they're only for a specific stat which can be calculated for a specific level, but they have certain passives that help out in pvp situations.

Sun series passives: Give burn damage every 5 hits which would be best with agility, but anyone can use it

Snow Series: Give frost damage, and slows enemy every 12 hits

Mountain series: Slowly regenerate Hp

Ground series: Gives you a special ability which allows you to have rock spikes break out of the ground under the enemy you're attacking, and inflict damage.

I'll come up for new ones later, but you can tell the series apart because they glow a certain color

Moon: A light gray
Sun: Deep red
Snow: Light blue
Mountain: Dark Blue
Ground: Light brown

Stamina if you read the top post i mentioned a bit about stamina. A bit of explanation

Stamina is drained every time you use a skill. It's to help stop spamming of skills. As we've seen with fire balls xD. Okay so how it works You use a skill depending on how the skill is successful is how it drains. What i mean about successful is i think skills shouldn't just be bought, and then hey i can use it like a pro. No i think you should have to keep using the skills to actually be able to master it if you don't master it the skill will do little to no damage at all. Once you have fully mastered the skill it will allow you to do the max potential amount of damage the skill is able to do.

Then when you actually do the skill, and it doesnt say Fail! you lose a bit of Stamina. If you use the skill, and it says Fail! you lose tons of stamina. So you can see how that can just prevent people from spamming the skill to try, and master it. It can also prevent people from just using it over, and over, and over again Like Wind's strongest move. I know mana helps prevent that also, but if people just go straight mana, and nothing else they could be Dramatically Op.

New skills for the elements

Now i think Elements should have their own unique skills so i'll give you some =).

Lighting Wipe: You take lighting in your hand, and use it like a whip to slash the opponent stunning them for 2 seconds. cool down of 3 seconds

Lighting Wave: People in front of you 3 by 3 is shocked with mana damage stunning them for 5 seconds.

Lighting drive: You infuse the air around you in a 6 by 6 area to shock the living crap out of people stunning them for a total of 10 seconds.
Don't be mistaking i'm not trying to make this an aoe Element just one that stuns.

Water:(Now this is the one i want to make Aoe Because of water's natural nature to spread)

Water Generator: When you activate this every where you walk water will be produced, and stays there for 25 seconds if you walk in it you heal about 3% of your hp every 5 seconds.

Hydro Canon: You absorb some water to then fire at high speeds at your opponent during the travel time the water expands Losing density, and losing the amount of damage it does. Loses about 10% of it's damage, but increases by 2 tiles every second it's moving. Cool down of 1.5 seconds

Expansion: The water around you moves out in all directions raising sold Water spikes for 9 tiles.
Generally weak, but an almost sure hit Cool down 5 seconds

Water Strike: Water Swirl around you Moving everyone in a 5 tiles radius in a circle around you damaging them as they move. Lasts for 8 seconds cool down of 15 seconds

Air :D:
Air slice: The air around you moves rapidly fast in front of you cuting through anything in the way. Much like razor wind , but it can cut through mana attacks. Sadly it can only cut through 2 once it goes through the second on it cancels both of them out. Cool down of 3 seconds. Moves 10 tiles in front of you.

Wind protection: Around you air swirls around pushing people away from you not doing any damage, but enough so you can heal your-self at least once ^^ last for 3 seconds cool down of 20 seconds. About 3 tiles around you.

Wind enhance meant: It enhances your weapns making it stronger or more sturdy Meaning if you're a swordsman or Knucklebuster is makes them do more damage.

This one does more damage of all fo them ^^, but doesnt have much unique ness exept blocking some attacks.

Earth quake: Violently shakes the earth causing you opponent to stag around (North is south east is west) Cool down of 20 seconds

Earth armor: Earth comes up, and in cases you protecting you from 1 attack. Cool down of 13 seconds

Rock hard ^^: It takes rocks onto your hands, and makes it a 3 tile hit so basically switches all melee into these giant earth hands that you swing around 3 tile row.(Does a bit more damage than your actual meele.
Cool down of 10 seconds after it lasts. Lasts about 15 seconds.

bit of Quests:

Okay so upon being a nooby. Once you first spawn into the world there's a few quests that chain link each other it starts like this.

Seems i forgot to say, but the bartender gives you clothes since you were basically naked.

You wake up in an tavern. The bartender says you've been here drinking all night, but havent payed your bill. So you ask if you can somehow do some work to pay for the drink. He says yes to beat up some monkeys outside that have been harassing his customers. He says, but first you have to go get stronger on those bags. Once you've completed bag training you obtains a bit of coin, and some exp (5 levels).

You go out defeat 5 monkeys come back inside(You gai 10 levels), and he says you're not finished yet you now have to do a delivery for me. Which is to take into the town where the earth elemental sword guy is, and deliver a package to the mine there (By the way might want to prevent mobs from being around the mine/in the mine). Once you've made yoru deliveries, and come back. Once you do he says he have one last delivery to make, and before you leave he says "thank you." Which is that town where the wind dude that drops the wind sword is. In a house to a lady. The lady says thank you reads the note (Forgot to say it was a letter not a package D:), and says thank you she gets up, and says before you go take one of these with you it's dangerous out there all alone, and the bartender asked me to do this anyway. She opens a chest, and shows a couple of weapons. You get to choose which one you want which will ultimately Take the stats that you have and invest them the right way.

The weapons are
Double edged Blade: A large Sword with to edges. Increases Def, And Atk

One Edged blade: A small sword with one edge that increases Atk speed, and Atk

Mana staff: a staff with a pure glow around it it increases Mana, and int/ Mana damage <.<

Knuckle Buster: an odd shaped piece of metal that goes on your knuckles. Increases Str.

Once you choose one. It will take the tats you have now (From those levels you gained), and invest them to the appropriate stuff. Which is basically what it shows up there.
Then once you return to the Bar It's ransacked, and tables turned over, and stuff pretty beat down. You find the bartender on the floor. You go by his side, an he says that they've stolen something precious to him, and asks you to get it back. You head outside, and someone ran up to you, and say help a group of bad people stole my purse please help me get it back they went south (You know where the darkness guy is). You head there, and defeat the 5 of them. Get back a purse, and a small box. You return the Purse to the lady (And gains 5 levels), and return the Small box to bartneder (And gain 5 levels). He says thank you. Then he opens the box to reveal a ring. He gives you the ring, and said it's an adventures ring, and an old man like him doesnt need it anymore. The ring is a ring that holds another spirit upon touching it you're teleported inside the ring's gem which is actually a small world where you meat the spitit he explains him-self to be a elemental spirit in which he asks what type of elemental are you Which you then get to choose. He says ah i see he then says he shall teach you the abilities of your element, and gives you the first ability of your element like some one up above in my earlier post. He then tells you to reach a certain level to get your new ability. Thus allowing you to go into the ring whenever you want. Soon after you get your last ability he says he doesnt not want to just be casted aside again. Then gives you one last ability which is to fuse with the ring so you can become stronger it gives you a stat boost of 8% in all stats.

After you first leave the ring you come back, and the bartender asks if you're okay you say yes, and he says don't scare him like that. Then you're able to go out, and train in the world with the bartender giving you a couple quests which is really some packaging to diffrent towns, and defeating mobs.
So my story line quest :D. The assasin Guild Kronos lorde.

I think this game should have many different quests that move to an ultimate goal, but each one different from the rest. Here's mines.

but first a few changes limit the self-train use to 30 minutes, and a 1 hour cool down to help stop the afkness, and promote Mob fighting Mobs should give more exp, and levels a bit harder to reach.

Once you reach a certain level it will take you into a cutscene sort of where a npc wearing a cloak will walk up to you, and say you have become a dangerous man that's something we could use which he then injects a needle into your neck, and the screen goes to black it then fades back in, and you're in a cell alone. the same man there. He says come meet the family. You walk out of the cell to find you're in a underground cavern with many people there. All in dark cloaks, and their faces covered. He explains that they're a group of assassins,and they need someone like you to fight an up coming war with the law. Then he says that they have poisoned you, and if you don't do what they say you'll be killed in 1 month. So he says to get your trust he wants you to kill someone. You're then promptly knocked out, and waken back where you were training before with a note. It says the person you're looking for is in the mine. His name is bart. You go to the mine, and talks to him luckily once you ask around his boss says he's at the furthest end of the mine. You go there, and was about to kill him when you find your-self not a killer, and explains what's happening to bart. Bart says that he'll disappear for a while until things calm down. He then tells you to push him off the water, and he'll use An illusion to make it look like a body was taken by the sea. You do so, and just like he says a body is taken down the water, and washed into sea, and it realy looked like he died.

That's it for now unless you like it :P.
Okay When you're leaving the town someone comes up behind you, and injects something into you knocking you out. You wake in the same place again, but this time the door to the cavern is open you walk through it, and people there greet you saying good job, and stuff, and that they now trust you. Now i have to create several unique charactors.

Sam: Sam is the guy who Captured you first He's extremly trust worthy, and helpful he can also teach you to increase your abilities (Increase stats) The stats he can help you increase is speed. You have a limit of 3 times you can increases your speed, and it only increases it by 25, and it costs money to increases it.

He gives you 3 quests.
The first quest is to go out, and kill some monsters

Second quest is to journey to the lava town to speak with some people (More in depth when you go to the town a group will confront you which is the people you have to talk with. They explain about an upcoming war with the assasins guild, and tell you to stick with the side you're on cause they need alot of help.)

Third Quest is for preperation and to intercept a shipment of weapons going near the first town you have to defeat all the people there then go up to the cart some assasins will join you to fight them, and then you return he says good job then gives you a necklace that increases speed.

That's sam and what he does.

Now for Mike

Mike gives you 1 Quest.
It's a delivery quest he says that he needs you to give a letter to someone in the water town you go to the water town, and the assasin there will confront you by the docks when you give them the letter he will give you a letter then you return it to mike, and he will say thanks, but he only gives exp, and a couple of money

Jesse gives you 2 quests.

The first one is to do a bit of training you have to go out, and kill a couple of monsters.

Second quest however she says that she doesnt want to be an assasin anymore, but her family is assasins sadly she says she's sorry for bothering you with it. You go to sleep, and wake up to jesse waking you up with a hood on she says that she's leaving the assasins, and say she will return when she's ready, and will help out in the war, but she's not going to stay, and want to know if you will support her. You say yes, and she says thank you then leaves.

Once you complete all of these quests the main quest for this quest happens. The screen fades to darkness.

Then warning sign pop up saying their being attacked, and then the war happens you have to fight off 20 assasins once you defeat them. Sam tells everyone it's our time to go attack other Guilds in other towns. You go off With 1 npc following you to the wind town You're then intercepted with assasins, and you have to fight off 15 of them Once you return to base. Sam says that they have us cut off from the east (our assasins base is south from the spawn town), and we have to break through. (How the npc's fighting work is when they get near another mob or unfriendly they attack it doing the npc who's with you stats are equal to yours, but posses no Mana attacks. Once you fight your way through east( it will have that area where the light guy is filled with assasins who you have to defeat. (About 19 of them)) Once you break yrou way through, and end up in the water Town it says that it was a trap, and you're cut off from the main forces traped in the water town.

Assasin war Part 2. You hide in the water town (In a building) from the assasins, but you feel them closing into you. They break in, and you have to defeat 5 of them, but they're this assasins elite 5 so that means they're strong, and hard, and once you beat them you obtain a Assasin Guild badge meaning you have control of this assasin guild you leave, and head to your base not being attacked as you're now recognized as the Waves assasin guild leader.

You head back to your assasin base, and they congratulate you, but say that now the Earth town is backing off, and the wind town is making an advance ment on the base. You head outside, and surrounded by 8 assasins you defeat them, And head back to your base they say they're gonna try to attack one last time since the wind town is so powerful they want so they want to ally with the lava town to attack wind. Then water assasins enter the base, and they say they need you to go there. You head to the lava town, and they invite you to their base (Which is a cavern in the lava :D) you tell them you're here to negotiate an alliance they accept then they give you a letter to send to Sam. You go to sam, and give him the letter then they say now we need the Earth assasins before the wind assasin asks the earth town to attack water, and retake it so you head to earth with a Dark Assasin, and a Water assasin npc with you. When you reach there you're surrounded by assasins, and attacked you must then defeat 20 assasins. Once you defeat them you know that Earth and wind is with a Alliance. So you go into their base which is located to the right. And defeat the 15 assasins inside, and aquire another Assasin badge for earth town Assasins. You head back to Dark assasin base, and then they make the plan to attack the wind town assasins. You must head there attack them with 5 npc's, and defeat 35 assasins. Then you retrive the Wind assasin town Guild badge thing. You return to sam, and they celebrate wining the War. Jesse appears behind you, and tell you thanks. You then have the option to give her the wind badge or the water badge or the earth Just to be nice. If you give her the Whichever badge you must then give Sam one of the remaining two. The one you receive last you will receive a set of armor each doing a diffrent thing

Water: Increases Mana by 15%
Earth increases Str by 15%
Wind Increases Def. By 15%.

Which ever one you have you will be announced as an Assasin Guild leader.
Skill suggestion:

Skill name: Final Attack

What level to obtain this skill: 400

How do you receive it: You must go, and learn it from a Battle master. (There are 2 battle masters Mana, And Attack)

What it does: For a total of 15 seconds it take all you stats, and put it into either Mana or attack. It depends on which Battle master you learn it from. (You can only learn one of these so choose wisely :P)

Cool down: Cool down is 210 seconds. So it's basically a one time use.

Icon: Needs to show Either a Blue Aura around the user or Red Aura.

Blue for mana, Red For attack.

Available to all races.

You must defeat the 2 Battle masters
Mana Battle master Wears Blue
Attack Battle master wears Red.
They're both level 450.

Mana Battle Master Use mana attacks only
Attack Battle master Use Meele Attacks only.
Mana staffs how they work

Okay In order for a mana staff to work you need to have an element When you have your element you're no longer able to do melee damage instead you shoot your element at your opponent.

Fire: Fire balls do 1% more damage may inflict burn (15% chance to) Burn inflicts you opponent for 2% of your mana damage
Water: shoot Bubbles Do 5% more damage
Earth: Fires Earth spikes Do 8% more damage May inflict bleeding (3% chance to) (3% of your mana is inflicted)
Wind: Shoots tornadoes at your opponent Does 4% more damage May knockback (1% chance to)

How One edged blade works

Since One edged Blade's need Str/speed to actually equip it. They weapon it-self increases your defense so you won't be terrible.

How one edged blades work is that the more you hit the more critical s you can do. Special thing about One edged blades is that the criticals stack.

Say if you do 1 critical for 102 damage though the critical damage will decrease you keep that critical damage onto it overall increasing the damage

So here's a little something to make that understandable.

102 damage

then your next crit will be 100 damage, but then add 102 to that.

then you will do 90 damage then add 202 damage to that

Then 60 damage add 292 to that

Then 20 damage add 352 to that

then 10 crit, and that's where the crits will go stop going lower, and that will be your overal Damage with a crit is

382 damage.

if you get another crit just add 10 more damage to that. That should be how One edged blades work except they have have a passive that every time you do a critical damage you cause bleed effect which Takes 3% of your Speed, and inflict it as Atk damage to your opponent.

Note that only works with crits so you'll be doing the 382 damage if it's a crit. If it's not then it's your normal Atk damage, but One edged blades have high crit ratio.

Also it's melee, and it takes you str to do damage what they increase is Str/Def/Speed, but not as much as Knucklebusters, and Double edged sword.

Little bit of str, A good amount of defense, Alot of Speed.
Skill: Dark Soul
Element = Dark
You draw all the shadows around you, and let it absorb into your soul.
Increases your overall mana by 17% for 20 seconds.
No cost to use
School life.
You will have the option to join Mana School.
Things you can study in.
Strength/Military offense
Defense/Military defense

Okay so here's how school works.
Everyday you're required to enter class. from 4:00-12:00
You must participate for a total of 30 minutes. At this time you are siting in class with a teacher. for the 30 minutes then released. When released you gain an exp increase of 10% until 12:00. Other than that there will be a series of quests.

In the library you can talk to the librarian, and he'll give you a book named "Stone sword of the goddess" When you take the book, and read it you ask if it's real, and he says "We're going on an expedition to try, and find it later today"
You ask "We?"
He responds "A group of students, and the head Mana consultant are going"
You ask to join, and he says go to the consultant's office which is located at the back of the school in a small building. You go there, and ask him he says that it's no easy fit going there, and that you must prove your-self by fighting a exel student (Highest ranking student who has shown prowess in all skills. If you accept you are told to go outside to fight him if no you will be able to leave, and can come back, and ask again.

The Exel student is level 278 Mage. He posses fire ball, Shredding winds, and Holy Thunder charge.

If you beat him you will go into a cut scene where he says wow you're strong, and congratulate you on beating him. You two then go back tot he coun., and tell him of your victory. More tommorow!!!!
Holy Thunder charge:

You're engulfed in lighting, and dash forwards zapping anything in your way.

How it looks:
Lighting is all around you, and crackling, and then you "dash forward" more like move in the direction you're facing, and anyone who gets hit have lighting sparking around them

Stats, and effects:
Does 12% more of your int, and anyone hit by this is stunned for 5 seconds

Cool down:
50 seconds
In response to Ghost of ET
Needs 50 mana to cast it.
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