Last Robot Standing

by DDT
Last Robot Standing
100 years ago the spaceship launched. The humans are dead. The robots remain. Can you be the Last Robot Standing?
This game is no longer being developed, there is no longer support for it.

Inspired by the classic Wiz-War board game, this is a game that's most enjoyed if you just jump right in and learn as you play.

Here's all you need to know:

Win #1: Get 2 other power supplies to your base.
Win #2: Kill all other robots!

Lose #1: Both your supplies on other active bases.
Lose #2: Die!

Rule: 3 moves per turn, with one Boost.
Rule: 1 attack per turn.
Rule: Turn ends when you pick up an item.
Rule: Up to 2 new modules at end of turn.

You can also read the complete documentation.

With some creativity, skill, and luck, you will be the Last Robot Standing!
Please bring the old server back.
The new server needs testing. It's the same as the old server minus a few features I haven't quite ported to the new interface. Hosting both on the same box was fairly counter-productive.
Nadrew, I'm with Mastermen112 on this one. While I applaud the work you've done and look forward to additional improvements, it is presently inferior to the previous version.
1) Please give me the option to turn off the music.
2) Recycle doesn't work properly
3) The black background is harder on the eyes
4) etc.

1) Already in the next update.

2) Recycle works exactly as it is documented, Deadron reprogrammed it before I ever got my hands on the source. The previous implementation had some bugs that could cause modules to be deleted improperly or be duplicated so it was changed. How it works now is: You activate it and select the module, it will remain active until said module is deleted in any way whether it be by defense activating or whatever, when the module is deleted it'll be reclaimed by recycle.

3) That depends on the user, but I do intend to provide customization options in the near future to let people pick the colors they see on the interface.

The old server won't be returning, sorry. When it was running the new version was getting zero play-testing and I wasn't getting any good feedback. As apparent by things now I'm getting the feedback that's needed to move forward.
You forgot to add 1 very important function; the unjoin command!!
The join button should change to a leave button, if it's not in all cases please post a bug report. I imagine there's some instances where I missed the change being needed.