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Yeah well I guess I can always leave myself a comment.
Yay!!! I left you a comment! I don't know if you remember me, but I played that Harvest Moon game that you and Tom made. I was under the name Kagekirikizu however. How're you doing?! ;)
I'm doing good, and I do remember you. I may start hosting that again!

[edit] nevermind, I forgot my PC died and I no longer have the source. :(
umm sorry to bug you but ive been downloading some of you files and i have to say their quit great, and i wanted to ask i wanna make a game but im not that much good of a coder and im wondering if you can help me in this dilemma.
I <3 Evi of Au :D
Oh yea!
Evi is my hero.
whats up with the dalla cowgirls theme goin on here? lol just jokin love the cowboys, but love my panthers more.
Hah, I love the cowboys thats why!
yeah there my second fav. team, Carolina Panthers is my all time fav. slso my home team. Speaking of both we play each other this year =D
Hah, it should be a good game no doubt about that. You guys have a beast running back.
Thanks, Dallas has a great running game behind Marion Barber, Felix Jones, and Tashard Choice, but the WR Core is gonna have to step it up big time with T.O. gone, u should pimp me up a carolina panthers theme =P
I'm not a rocker! I demoand a rank change! :O

The Blue Ranger would do nicely.
Complete Awesomeness 0_0
Evi could you make a medal library?
I'm a rocker wewt! =D
RAWR >:)
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