by SuperSaiyanGokuX
It's time to fight fire with fire...
SkyWurm is a scrolling shooter starring SkyWurms (or, as you know them, 'Dragons').

It is a time of civil war, with the Kingdom's faithful SkyWurm Pilots struggling against a force of seperatists who have stolen most of the Kingdom's stock of Wurms. As one of the loyal soldiers, you venture forth on a mission to destroy as many rogue Pilots (and their stolen mounts) as you can.

It is terrible to have to kill such noble beasts, but they have been twisted against civilization, and pose a great threat in the hands of evil.

As you destroy your enemies, you will be rewarded with treasures. You will receive Coins, Gems (worth 5 coins), and Diamonds (worth 10 coins), based on the type of Wurm you have knocked out of the skies. Once you have defeated a Wurm, the treasure will appear in its place, and you must catch it to collect the reward.

The more treasure you collect, the stronger your Wurm will become, unlocking new and more powerful attacks.

-Allow WSAD be used for movement.
-Space Bar to shoot.
-Allow players to move forward a few tiles, but not too far.
-Take advantage of the way BYOND handles key inputs with the new interface. I should be able to continuously shoot while I'm moving around without having to repress any keys.
-GIGADRAKE SUPER MODE after getting a certain number of kills in a row!
-Quick Boost for moving to the left or right really fast. It would be useful for last second dodges.
-Drake targets are too small, allow players to hit their wings. It's impossible to hit some of the drakes without taking damage since you have to actually walk into their fireballs to line up a shot.
-Too many god damn targets on the screen not 20 seconds into the game! You should pace yourself and ramp up the difficulty the farther the player gets.
-Food heals for a laughably small amount.

-Have the players collect coins that are near them, not just on top of them. I passed up more than half the coins I was right on top of.
-Fireball collision has the exact same problem, objects just seem to pass each other never landing on the same tile.
-Fix the background music! The music stops after playing the fist sound effect.
-Enemy drakes kept flying into trees and dying.
Nice game however I feel as if it needs a smoother feeling.