by Leftley
Pummel your opponents with missiles in this classic-style artillery game!
For those unfamiliar with the "artillery combat" genre of games, players take turns calculating shot trajectories from fixed positions in an attempt to hit their opponents. Bombard takes this theme one step further by introducing the element of continuous online play--players can enter and leave the game continuously, creating a much more hectic game. The game still is technically in beta phase, so please send all bug reports to [email protected]
Just a Suggestion change up the interface and add and Square promotional banner. Those are what it is needing to be qaulified to be featured.I would be happy to review this game to be possibly featured once those requirements are met.

Also to make the game more apealing possibly look into adding a projectile cam so the players can see what they are hitting.

How much do you want for your source code? :p
This looks pretty interesting!
First artillery-style game on BYOND that I know of.