Naruto Kyuubis Awakening

by Sasukex5
Naruto Kyuubis Awakening
Need coders, mappers, and iconers! Finally re-opened!
Co-owner-XxlilGxx*My Cousin* and Blackjack29*My brother*

Rules! 1, 2, 3, etc= hours
No acad killing-3rd offense 24 ban
No p0rn- 1st offense IP ban
No excessive swearing-3rd offense 3 ban
No begging for edit- mute
No begging for GM- mute
Don't ever say balling or you will be IP banned on 2nd offense
No advertising- 1st offense boot 2nd offense 1 week ban

Kage Rules!
No giving out ranks for free!
Only 3 sannins are allowed
Must accept challenges from sannins only
You lose the fight then to bad say bye to kage
and say hello to jounin

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