New Era

by Ahmed05
Nice game thats based on pvp
Owners: Ahmed05 A\

Rules for Staff and Enforcers

1. Do not Restore Players lvls or stats unless a Game Owner is present and gives his authorization. (Warn - Demoted)

2. Do not Mute - Boot - Ban Players just because you dont like them.

3. Dont bring your Personal Problems into the game. (Warn - Boot - Ban)

4. Do not edit yourself or other Players. (Demoted - Ban)

5. Do not Revive Players unless they are dead on Earth or bugged.

6. Do not make items for players, you can only make items for yourself if a Game Owner gives his authorization.

7. Do not revive yourself all the time, walk Snake Way occasionally.

8. Don't use your powers without good reason, if you don't have a reason this will be considered abusing your powers. ( Warn - Demoted - Ban)

9. Do not Mute - Boot - Ban players just cause you're having a bad day.

10. All Staff and Enforcers must do their jobs.

11. Do not summon Players just to Kill them. ( Demoted - Ban)

12. Do not Bug Abuse, Report any Bugs to Game Owner. (Stats editted to 1 - Ban)

13. Do not argue with a higher level GM. (Warn - Mute - Boot)

14. Enforcers and Staff must follow rules just like players, the player rules apply to GM's as well. (Warn - Boot - Demoted - Ban)

15. No banning without an owner's permission. (Warn - Demotion)

Rules may be changed at the discretion of the owners.