Shinobi Story Online

by Mugen234
Shinobi Story Online
Shinobi Story Online, regarded as one of the best Naruto Rp games on Byond is now back in action. Get ready to create your own Shinobi story as your destiny awaits.
Why the hell is bleach on here?! WTF are they close to finishing it yet?
It's will be up by next monday or this weekend
Assuming people don't know the game is up now. It isn't on the hub just get the address from someone.
In response to AFuzzyMuffin
so the game is up?
can someone just give us the adress -_-
In response to Armyboy17
Um like a few minutes ago while i was playing on my DS i sat on the + key next to the enter key and ended up pressing them both at the same time, and i guess it spamed ooc, which i apologize for.... I was about to type the explanation for it but somebody ip banned me before i could which is kinda irratating...

Because it was a obvious mistake seeing how the +'s were spamed one by one, and i didnt say anything afterwards.....That would kinda give a sigh that i did that by mistake and ip banning so i cant explain myself wasnt called for....A mute or a bann would be though...

Anyway obviously it was a mistake and i asked to be unbanned please -_-
wats the address? somebody post up here
byond:// There, That the link It's up
About how long till sso back up?
I just wish SO would give credit to where it belongs.
so is SSO back up or is it down agin?
when is SSO coming back up?
when is the game coming back up? is it currently going under the updates for HD?
how come every time i try to join it says "Dream daemon killing connection"? someone help plss
Some reason i can't join
is era of shinobi a rip of this/?
Dude why is it down
Yes deadly lol
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