Dragon Ball Z:Lost Saiyans

by Sasukex5
Guys I have something important to say so get on the game quick.
Gocool seriously get off byond. No one said you will or can make the original LS. You know why? Because there is no original LS. Simply people just liked my game for reasons. I don't know why ask them. So this is to everyone copying my game and then naming theirs DBZ LS, DBZ LS Original blah blah. STOP, just cause your game has the words Lost Saiyans does not mean people will play it. I have retired from byond for awhile or forever and I will be playing maple story for now.

Looking for a permanent host with good connection. Must be able to carry 80+ people. My msn is [email protected]

Come play one of the most popular DBZ games.



Master Game Moderators: Sasukex5,

Level 4 Game Moderators:

Level 3 Game Moderators:

Level 2 Game Moderators:

Level 1 Game Moderators:

If you can code or map, apply in the forum for GM.

Hope you have a great time in DBZ Lost Saiyans.

Rank 1-500 levels
Rank 2-300 levels
Rank 3-100 levels

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dbz hero united BEST GAME http://dbzhuservers.webs.com/
plz turn on ls
I love this game
I do miss this game, it's been gone far to long.