I see where you are coming from.
I came from my mom
Do you go back there very often?
Do you go back there very often?
Excuse me while I die of laughter
You are excused! Good point.
Aperently you didnt pay much attention to the stories in the bible.

God is into incest.
I made that god bot thing say it didn't exist. It was like:

Me: Are you real?
God: I'm as real as you are.
Me: Am I real?
God: I don't know, I think you're a figmant of my imagination.

Yeah, something like that.
Because back in the day, biblewise, people had all "Good" genetic traits, so screwing up the next generation by inbreeding was so much harder! This meant that there wasn't anything that much wrong with it! But as more idiots started getting together, eventually those few bad traits that did exist started clumping together in people! Incest nowadays means that you're clumping all the bad traits of you and whoever and because there's so many nasty traits and stuff nowadays, Incest is bad!

Or maybie people are screwed up today BECAUSE of the incest...
It's like Hitler and the Nazis. His ideas were likewise, trying to make perfect people, but he arrived too late in the game.
I don't see why Hitler is always the first reference when it comes to The weak are allowed to survive. That's even worse than incest. The weak traits aren't naturally eliminated, thus we have a society filled with a majority of idiots. Naturally, the inferior would die and the ones with superior traits would breed and we'd evolve into something better. Preservation of human life is the greatest atrocity to human life.

I don't see why Hitler is always the first reference made when it comes to eugenics. They could at least mention Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche or many other names that are much more significant.
Or even Heimlich Himmler, the brainchild behind the ethnic cleansing. >.>