Ah, Dragon Quest 8. Price is $50.00.

Game play 9/10
Great side quests, lots of world to explore.

Graphics 9.5/10
Although monsters were done by Akira Toriyama, of DragonBall, it still looks excellent!

Combat System 10/10
A turn based system. Theres a lot of skills, spells, items etc. you can use in battle. Your turn goes based on your agility, and your attack by your strength. A very simple and easy to understand battle system, thats why I rate it a 10/10.

Overall rating: 9.5

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IIndeed, it's a good game, I suppose i'll post my review. I'm not that far through the game yet, but i'm far enough to give this review:

Story: Pretty good, you start out with this little green thing that used to be a king but was turned into a monster trhough magic, there's a knight and a bandit that you start to play as. You're after a guy named Dhoulmagus because he's the one who turned the king into a monster and destroyed the castle where the Hero was a knight. It goes off from there, i'll let you guys discover the rest of the story if you play the game

Gameplay: Excellent, typical turn based system with a "psyche up" option that rases your tension and allows you to do more damage. The monsters are original, and the game has "infamous monsters" which can be cought and raised. When you level up you can add skill points to certain attributes such as "sword skill, club skill, charisma" and so on depending on the character. Doing so might increase your attack power with a weapon, or give you a new skill. Good solid gameplay

Replay value: Well I haven't finished yet, but I wouldn't mind playing it over again.

Difficulty: Fair, the monsters and bosses can really hit for a lot of damage, and as you progress, you'll find yourself relying more on strategy than simply attacking over and over.

Flaws: A world map would me nice, I don't know if there is one, I don't tihnk there is. Also the towns, even though they have a map, feel tedious going around finding what you need. Pretty minor though.

Overall Score: 9/10

Rent or buy: O_O, if you don't have this game yet, BUY IT

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Flaws: A world map would me nice, I don't know if there is one, I don't tihnk there is. Also the towns, even though they have a map, feel tedious going around finding what you need. Pretty minor though.

there is one :)
Yeah you get a world map like 30 mins into the game
You get the world map after you finish Maella Abbey.
Heh, I have this game, and while no one I know has it...I have the Slime Controller to go with it! It is an awesome thing, and i love DW/DQ too much to pass up an opertunity for I got it. Either way, the game is great as hell, and the controller is just sweet with it =P

Story: An interesting story, and one of the best I've heard...but it could have been better. 9/10
Sound: The music is awesome..but the voices are TERRIBLE. They could have gotten a lot better voices if you ask me 7/10
Gsmeplay: Excellent Battle System, like always, as well as a GREAT transfomation into 3-D! They did nicely with the transaction into 3D from DW7. 10/10
Difficulty: Easy when it starts, hard as it goes on, as a game should be! Games now a days have a tendouscy to stay easy from the start 10/10
Systems: They have some powerful systems in this game, like the monster arena and such, great job there too! 10/10
Flaws: They should have kept the classic names and spell names and what not. I have to spend too much time finding out what everything does. THOUGH, I found out the thing for spells: Example: Frizz (AKA Blaze) Frizz- > Frizzle -> KaFrizzle. Basically adds the postfix of le then the prefix of ka. Still, I don't like the change in names, they should have kept it the same, ESPECIALLY if it took a year more to come out in english! 7/10
Level Up: The new skill point stuff is alittle stupid..but its okay. 8/10

Overall: This game is a must have for any RPGer! The game is very good, and fun! 8.5/10
The story of the game is pretty bad if you think about how simplestic it is. For most of the game you're just chasing after the staff. It doesn't get that interesting until much later in the game, but that's a little late to save it.

The world is amazing graphically, but it suffers from lack of places to explore. Sure, you can find plenty of treasure chests, but that's a pretty simple way of using up the space. The game could have had more sidequests if the room was used much more efficiently. You don't even get a bonus for finding all the treasure chests in the world. You just wander looking for them all and it gets boring after awhile.

The game itself is far too easy. I wasn't challenged by anything, but the final battle in the bonus place, but even that I managed to beat in my attempt. The battles took little strategy. They could have easily deleted the majority of the spells and skills and it would have no effect on the game whatsoever. The skill system seemed nice at first, but then you realize that you get Dragon Slash for the first move with Swords for the Hero. You don't even fight a Dragon until much further into the game; minus Hackzilla. The game needed more useful skills and less of the skills that just took up space.

I don't feel like dealing with the rest of the flaws, but overall it was a mildly entertaining game. It's long and can be enjoyed at times, but it's nothing compared to other Dragon Quest games in quality. I give this game a 5/10.