Pokemon: Shadows of Darkness

by Vampirism96
Pokemon: Shadows of Darkness
Welcome to PSD! Join us, where you can take gym challenges, capture, train, and trade your pokemon, we will even add quests soon. Constantly updating.

Welcome to Welcome to Pokemon Shadows of Darkness!


Owner: Ruki-sama
Right Hand Man: Jack-kun
Left Hand Man: Smurf
That Other Guy: Riktuun
Global GMs: Hideki/Alastor and Chanstopher



1. Don't log in to talk crap about our game.
2. No excessive swearing or caps.
3. No racist comments.
4. Do not abuse bugs, report them to an Admin once found.
5. No advertising.
6. No excessively killing other players pokemon.
7. No arguing in world-say. Keep it in view or out of our game.
8. No Multi-keying.
9. No Randomly Trading. Unless you have spoken with someone and both agreed to trade, don't trade.
10. No trading bred pokemon.

Special Thanks!

Flick - F_damage system
SuperAntx - Macro Movement system
can i get it
There's already an Ice GL now you were to late.
when is people gonna come on this game
is there any gl spots left?
How the heck do you attack?
They ban me =( why?
i want to enter the game.. why cant I?
hello Ruki:
i was wondering if i could become the water GL because u are never on and im on everyday if not i was wondering if we could have a water duel for the title.
I'm not begging because i know your the owner.
it up to you and i respect your decision.
Sry dude, I haven't been on because I have a book report due and a mountain of homework. I'm almost finished just give me another week.
no problem.
c ya soon
hey ruki i was wondering if we could still have that water battle for water GL title.if so
full 6 on 6
water pokemon only
no legondaries
all other pokemon accepted
no lv cap.

not to brag but im taking on all gym leaders 1 on(whatever u want) with my blastoise only. its not breaded or traded next badge needed rock fire ice or water.
anyone up for a 6 on 6 battle all pokemon welcome come to insectourum town and well meet and battle in pokemon center
dear players of PSD;
yall have heard a lot about me and or battled me for those who have i get stronger by the day. defeating those in my sight.
i will accept all challenges and would gladly accept.
if u catch me on why not lets have a battle but i warn u im dangerous :)
c yall later
Can you make the turfs a little smaller so It won't be huger than the overworld icon.

Or just make the overworld icon little huger xP
hey im really want a latios latias or raquaza so i have a offer.
i will give anyone 1mil dollars if the trade me a legendary.
if so reply to this.
thnx for the buisness
p.s i already have the mil.
hey everyone i im back ive been training my team so come test ur skills against me 6 on 6 if u can catch me il be on also later so get in some last minute trainingg u might need
all who want to battle lets meet at fly gym town
How do i play this
game now ?plx
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