Pokemon: Shadows of Darkness

by Vampirism96
Pokemon: Shadows of Darkness
Welcome to PSD! Join us, where you can take gym challenges, capture, train, and trade your pokemon, we will even add quests soon. Constantly updating.
Ruki, whats this? i know you are tired and stuff but you need to keep updating the game. If you are done with it just give the rights to someone who wants to keep developing PSoD.People stop playing because you do not update almost and the map keeps being the same
So, You couldn't even wait till after monday when I have all the time in the world due to summer break? And also why would I give something I spent a lot of time on to someone else? Seriously, Last thing I want is for anymore of my sources to be released. Then the maps, I need a new mapper because Rik's been gone longer then I have.
Every time i try to down load it it doesn't work! I pressed the down load button and then clicked on byond short-cut and looked for the game under anime and it wasn't there. Please help! i want to play this game SO bad!!!
this game is realy lame
This game isn't lame
Hey Guys, there is an old school DBZ game completely polished, original game play and graphics, fresh wipe just started. Check it out if your interested. byond://Cinnom.net:2001
Oh PSD... It was good but now this is dead.
y are all gyms closed
how do you attack?
This Game is back up and under new ownerships, don't worry, You will all be made really happy -_-
Work this game now i cant join! When i tray they say CONECTION FAILED...
Vampirism96 & Cheerios wrote:

Welcome to Welcome to Pokemon Shadows of Darkness!


Owner: Niami(Cheerios), Cookie(MRB)
Right Hand Man: Jack-Kun(Jacks-Knight)
Left Hand Man: Freeze(AreYouScared)
Host & Back up: Angelo(-The-King17) And Dr.Drax(Dr.DraX)
That Other Guy: What other guy?
Mappers: Gary-Blue(Dbztoy)
Global GMs: See On-game applications



1. Don't log in to talk crap about our game.
2. No excessive swearing or caps.
3. No racist comments.
4. Do not abuse bugs, report them to an Admin once found.
5. No advertising.
6. No excessively killing other players pokemon.
7. No arguing in world-say. Keep it in view or out of our game.
8. No Multi-keying.
9. No Randomly Trading. Unless you have spoken with someone and both agreed to trade, don't trade.
10. No trading bred pokemon.

Special Thanks!

Flick - F_damage system
SuperAntx - Macro Movement system

I should be that other
The other guy is Riktuun
BTW Next time I log on, might be tomorrow, idk but I'd better have my owner powers...
Since no one is hosting and I'm back, (Cheerios won't reply with the new files), I'm hosting from the download button.
Better have your owner powers? LOL -_- they were never removed....Why the sudden change to come back to byond?

@[email protected] The games about to be in full swing to :P
Ok my severs up now and running
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