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Skar! Suarsi has banned me and hell butterfly can u help me plz

dude can like ever update this/get it working i wanna play and be a gym/battle frontier/elite four mem
Why was I banned by Suarsi?...

hey skar , cant enter to your game naruto destroyed chaos plx help
Why did you let your game die? get a host to revive it!

It's BloodshedCreos, Naruto Destroyed Chaos is up!
Yo Skar wats up wid NDC man how long must we wait for the game to be up again?
can u help me make a nartuo byond game (asked you because this is a very creative way 4 a naruto game). if you can vist my byond site
Sup Skar
Please add me: [email protected]
im gonna guess that your not playing byond anymore?
hey you guys no im here still ive just been working on the game ALOT its totally different from other byond narutos and now there is a full story mode being added and you muist attend school to get genin its going to be amazing but i am only one person lol.. ALLL CLANS HAVE HAD AN EXTREEEMMEEEE MAKE OVER im trying to make it that all the moves arent lame ass missile objects that they all are actually different but show based so ppl wont just keep going to uchiha.
you guys i am accepting all GM applications there will be only 5 i need all 5 spots filled. along with kage spots hmu at [email protected] with a full resume on your byond experience and leadership, and if you dont have leadership skills let me know how you can contribute.
Kterror, look at your pager i have messaged you.