Online Go Association

by Sasukeuchiha5494
This is the hub for a new game in the works. It seems that I can only make new hubs as a BYOND member and I cannot change the name either. I apologize for the confusion.
~Hinduri Realmz~

Hinduri Realmz(HR) is an RPG INSPIRED(not based on) old SNES RPG's. Ideas have been stuck in my head... I keep thinking of more things I want to be in this, I kept thinking I wanted to make a game comparable to the old classics that I loved when I was growing up(and still do)... so I decided to come back to BYOND and try my hardest to achieve that. Now.. i'm not exactly the best programmer you'll find... i'm at an intermediate level at best, so help would be greatly appreciated... especially in terms of art.

Credit will be given, in game moderation positions and compensation(perhaps, it depends honestly...) will be given.

Thanks for reading, make sure to keep up with game's forum for updates. I've written a background plot and a starting "to-do list" already which I will be posting within the next few days.