Naruto Era of Tobi

by Itachi Slayer
Naruto Era of Tobi
Come in and Find out The Fate of The Shinobi World. Spots Free 24/7 host needed.
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Kage Req = Chuunin+lvl 100
Only Challenge Kage for his position if you are ANBU or higher, GM must be present ~Challenge Once a week~
kages Pictures, Images and Photos
Hokage - Open
Hoshikage - Open
Tsukikage - Open
Yamikage - Open
Kazekage - Open
Otokage - Open
Raikage - Open
Tsuchikage - Open
Mizukage - Open
Waterfall Hero - Open
Grass Feudal Lord - Open
Rain Feudal Lord - Open
Snow Fuedal Lord - Open
Akatsuki Leader - Open
Akatsuki Co - Open
Akat 3: Open
Akat 4: Open
Akat 5: Open
Akat 6: Open
Akat 7: Open
Akat 8: Open
Akat 9: Open
Swordsmen of the Mist Pictures, Images and Photos
7 Swordsmen Leader - Open
7 Swordsmen Co - Open
SSM 3: Open
SSM 4: Open
SSM 5: Open
SSM 6: Open
SSM 7: Open
Hawk Leader -
Hawk 2: Open
Hawk 3: Open
Hawk 4: Open
sound 5 Pictures, Images and Photos
Sound Organiztion Leader - Open
Sound Co - Open
Sound 3: Open
Sound 4: Open
Sound 5: Open
Uchiha Police Pictures, Images and Photos
Police Leader - Open
Police Co - Open
Police 3: Open
Police 4: Open
Police 5: Open

Organization 13

Uploaded with
demon girls Pictures, Images and Photos

Demon Org
Org Leader(gets all kage jutsu)-
Org Co-
Org 1-
Org 2-
Org 3-
Org 4-
Org 5-
Org 6-
Org 7-
Org 8-
Org 9-
Org 10-
Org 11-
Org 12-
Org 13-

VonGolA Pictures, Images and Photos

Must be that Type to b the Guardian. All types aren't in game
Vongola Boss(Sky)- Gama Kurogane
Rain Guardian-
Storm Guardian-
Thunder Guardian-
Cloud Guardian(be thunder)-
Mist Guardian(be rain)-
Sun Guardian(be storm)-


Serve as Assassins for the Guardians on for each
Arcobaleno Leader(Reborn/Sky)-
Arcobaleno Luce(Sun)-
Arcobaleno Fon(Storm)-
Arcobaleno Viper(Mist)-
Arcobaleno Skull(Cloud)-
Arcobaleno Verde(Thunder)-
Arcobaleno Colonnello(Rain)-
Arcobaleno Lal Mirch(Corrupter)-

Many More Organizations found in game

Organization Leader Req = Chuunin+lvl 150
Only Challenge Organization Leader for his position if you are Co-Leader,GM must be present ~Challenge Once a week~

1. Do not Kill any player that does not want to be killed.
2. Respect GM's *If you believe they are abusing contact me
3. Respect all players *Playful banter is accepted but do not offend other players*
4. No Multi Clanning unless approved by Gama
5. No Abusing Glitches
6. No Spamming (Repetion of 5)*unless training*
7. No Multi-Clan tourneys
8. No Academy Killing
9. HAVE FUN!!! Dont forget its only a game


Nice game itachi i add all my guilds to this :)
i wanted to try it but u shut it down
working o nuodates will be back soon
ok thanks because this game sounds really good if u need any more gms i am availabel because i am really helpful
can i be a kage
Dont ask for ranks on here
i can host 24/7
this is a preety nice game :3
Thank You
Itachi, i wanna be a GM
Accn9, As Itachi Said, Do Not Ask For Gm, If You Want To Apply For Gm, Then Feel Free To Do So.
Hoster probably have blocked ports, I can't connect to server.
i told him to stop hosting hes hosting old version that was up for download by any1 anyways but he wont take it down -_-
Lolz, I've Been Trying To Connect to It For Awhile, When Are You Putting the Newer Version Up Hmmm?
i need a host who can ACTUALLY host
I can host. :D And I'd be happy to do so if I get the files :3
Can you actually host and not one of those ppl who can put a server up and ppl cant join?
If I host people can join, I was hosting Mitadake High and RPU last night :3 Add me on pager and we can talk :3
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