Naruto Era of Tobi

by Itachi Slayer
Naruto Era of Tobi
Come in and Find out The Fate of The Shinobi World. Spots Free 24/7 host needed.
when will this be up?
when i get a damn 24/7 lagless host
I got banned can i be unbanned please
why wont it let me on
why it wont let me on
can i be a Kage

i give this game 1 to 10 i would say 1000% this game is the Bomb
only go to server hsoted by devoin theother hosts arent even real hosts they dont even have right files
can i be unbanned please
dont ever advertise on here again
it wont let me on why
This game fucking pwns!!!!!!!!!! <:D
when is it oppen
The Game You Are Trying To Reach Is Currently Down At The Moment. Please Hang up And Try Your Call Again Later.
Omg im so bored bring the game up!
this game.....ROCKS
just wait jeeze
i know we gota wait it is jus that im so bored and this game is fun
I was on till I saw the skin, and noticed it was just another NNG.
Dont liek it then u dont have to play :D
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