Naruto Era of Tobi

by Itachi Slayer
Naruto Era of Tobi
Come in and Find out The Fate of The Shinobi World. Spots Free 24/7 host needed.
ban vgl Kaguya(Victorawesome78 he abuse the anbu and attack me in chunin i know for fack that not alound so please ban him

and here proof
Nice game gama. And you should change your forum no one can post on it.
Rofl gama. You need to redo your admins i told your admin "Madara Uchiha" To stop abusing announce and he banned me. He is a real noob.
The one reason you should play.......

Cuz I am duhh!(best non GM degraded moderater on earth lols)

Noope Game definetly has potential, few bugs here and there but the main thing is, the solid player base. xD
Can you unban me...? o.o
LOL! Nice One, I Consider This, Commented..
whoever jamal of sound is what is ur key so we can unban
im jamal of the sound
could i please be unbanned
ATTENTION ATTENTION TO ALL WHO EVEN READ THIS: We have had a pwipe im sorry but it was needed... anyways Newest Owners are Me and Gama. Head Admins are Killzone,Moe, And Devoin. NO need for GMs and updates will be added soon like maybe in a month and trust me you guys will love it. please have fun!
Wes1156 Father of Sand.
afs the game resets? afs will not get my other char tava afs strong bad, you guys to return the jutsus and strength of my character and me and some guys out of the game
called a pwipe-player wipe for a reason
stat abusers
guys pls log in more or remove game if u aren't gonna fix or update
make it easier to lvl up stats
jounin and havent gotten any rank boosts yet...
there are no ranking benefits atm
why did you bann me ?
i dont know
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