Naruto Era of Tobi

by Itachi Slayer
Naruto Era of Tobi
Come in and Find out The Fate of The Shinobi World. Spots Free 24/7 host needed.
Itachi could u edit my stats from my Nato Uchiha acc into my new acc...
Zhou none of us really care where it came from we just really like the game. if i could host for these guys or help them with anything i would in a heartbeat. your comments do nothing for your case but make you look like an idiot.

Great game Itachi Slayer!
if you need help with anything let me know
Dude please look on my channel i keep getting hacked by my stupid little brother i do admit this game is a rip but idc players like what players like
come back up server! xD
:P Unban Please I Was Ip Banned about a week key - DarkDemonJessica
second time u was banend why should u be unbanned
hey can i be unbanned i asked for a friendly fight and a gm said he would fight me and i agreed and so we were battling and just becuz i went to get my health up he said it was death avaoid and he banned me can i plz be unbanned
Can i be unbanned please. Andrew DK banned me. I was walking behind a building and I went into this wierd room and he asked me did I know kelsey. I said no then he banned me.
I miss playing this game but my Key i was using got hacked and im not starting over i was lvl 235 with good stats ....
I unbanned you sorry for the misconvience
edited, my bad didnt realize the server had gone down.
Dont worry server will be up soon
alright cool :D

Kai Windblade
Also this is for all who play. If you have anything (source, icons, gfx, etc) that you think will catch my eyes tell me and if its good ill reward you greatly.
Wes1156 *Owner*
If u guys need an ew host... i can host 24/7
u guys lose players cause of ur dumb azz GM andrew he bans ppl for no reason.
Game would be better if the community was really makes you realize why all the good games dont have gm's
overall without the spam killers
Good game ^.^
wow i got banned for no fking reason
yea im tired of ppl coming on here complaining about bans plz do not do it and idk wtf u guys get banned os much i need to discuss this with the gms they ban WAYYYY TO MUCH
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