Naruto Era of Tobi

by Itachi Slayer
Naruto Era of Tobi
Come in and Find out The Fate of The Shinobi World. Spots Free 24/7 host needed.
Can i Be An GM PLease
i rather u be banned for asking -.-
This Game rocks man
i dont like the pwipe but it would be good if nobody can glitch anymore so i would be happy that all need to train hard like me and some other players ! Best rip ever ^^
nice GMs nice owner every mod are all nice some players are just gay but the game realy rocks and thanks that we can play XD
Can someone make a server?
Helooooooooooooooooooo can the server be host?
I'm with him!Host a server,please.
why no server is there gonna be update!?!
I don't know if I can host anymore my computer apparently is crashing a lot now and the server is laggy. But I will continue if you want me to Itachi.
well i guess i could find a new host or something
Host a server!
Is it hard to host
Whas is needed to be a good host ?
how long need to host serv ?
Man nobody wants to join a other Serv and start from lvl 1 again and here are many good GMs and Mods, for me its better than the other one that is new
Fine I guess I could keep up the server but people gonna have to STOP SPAMMING AND THEN COMPLAING ABOUT LAG. When you abuse spam it lags the server which in turn lags my computer which in turn makes it vunerable to crashing.

Well up to Itachi if he wants me to continue.
lol i think continue xD you did for long time so just make it thats my opinion
your a good hoster >_>
sure host
Open it DAMN fasteR !! XD

why your still not hosting D:
waiting now 2-3 days >_>
Naruto: 20 Years Later
^^^The game has moved go here^^^
if anyone sees me hosting its not a real host just testing out why my game iv been working on wont host.
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