Anime Showdown

by Sinus
Aleks vanished again D:
Hey Alex, sorry about what happened years ago and i vanished :O my computer completely fried and i was broke so i couldn't do anything XD If you need help contact me sometime if you ever see this. i've been learning alot about coding the past few years and working on own projects but I miss this game haha
Oh, btw this is Blake/Sasukedogs25
Hey Blake, How you been? Remember me?
Hello Emily ^^ I've been great, considering recent events. How could I ever forget you xD~ how are you?
i want a good map for starting again :(
i need the files '-' and i thought emily sent u one
Just Flyin By
Hey alex and emily, not sure if yall remember me and my friend Shadow but we would always mess around and emily you always summoned us lol, plus your added as a friend on the byond thing. also alex, me and you always talked on windows live and i was jw if i was still being allowed to be a gm bc forever ago we talked about it once the new game comes up. if any help is needed to bring this game alive just let me know. i also have the old showdown file you sent me awhile back if anythings needed from it. sorry for the book but i hope to hear back
oh and blake i remember you too, your also added on my windows live but im not sure if you remember me lol
Wow. Havent played this game in years. I cant wait till it comes back up. Hey is there a way for me to apply to be like a Admin or GM.
Well Aleks...i never got anything from u o.o um, if u still want help im willing. hit me up man
Cronos is best ever
So when exactly will this game go back up. I just wanna play again. This was the 1st Byond game i ever played. So Sinus, I dont know what you up to but i really want to see this game up at least once.
<font size = 3>PLEASE!!!!!!!
For anyone wondering, Aleks still hasn't come back around to Byond as far as i'm aware. I never received any files to do mapping. So i'm just as lost everyone else. Please stop spamming my pager asking about the game.
everyone who is still around on byond add me.. and i'll let you know what is going on..
Well... university takes a lot of time especially if you are working for a company too :D unfortunally i do not have any files since my external hdd broke and repairing it would cost me about 700€. i have some host somewhere on my dropbox and i could host the game but honestly... i do not feel like i would want to play anymore since i have a lack of time :/ i can send somebody the host files if they want to.

PS: i will help emily a little bit with her coding for her game :)
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