Hey - this is a quite funny calculator trick. Showing it to your friends always creates a laugh! Trust me, I know :P Anyway, for this trick you should use a calculator because you'll need to flip it over to read the word but you may use the calculator on Microsoft Windows if you wish.

* Everything in []s means you have to put it in your calculator. Such as if I put [13] then [45] it means in your calculator should be 1345.

Always remember to tell the story for it, it makes it funny :D

There was this 13 year old girl [13] with size 84 breasts [84]. Now, they began to become a big problem because they were TOOOOOOOO big so she decided to go to the doctor about it. On the way, she used the number 45 bus [45].

At the GP, the doctor gave her 2 tablets [02] to reduce her breasts' size and said take these twice every day but because she was so disperate to make them small, she took 4 times the amount [x4]. She became: - Hit Equal and Read Your Calculator -

If it worked correctly - you would have put in your calculator 13844502x4. Know anymore funny tricks? Just add them here!
boobless lolol
This isn't funny, but kewl :3

2 men and 2 women went to a 5 star hotel. They drank 8 bottles of whiskey and 8 bottles of vodka and were drinking from 6pm to 7am. How did they feel after that? (times those number by 2 and read upside down).

4's on regular LCD calculators look like upside down lower-case h's... (of course, I think you realized that, but were making a joke, but just in case)
We have this girl in 5 or 6th grade at our school, her boobs are waaaay too big. The thing is, the first day I saw her, her chest was flat. The very next day they were buldging out...