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Only if you don't but a membership.
This sounds pretty interesting if I do say so myself... can't wait to see how the flash client will get fleshed in with certain games that rely more on Hud's than anything else... also that DMB2EXE sounds pretty pleasant... Might give it a try...
Nice job i downloaded the stand alone i didn't understand it but i will be waiting for the flash look amazing
Just on a final note, my last comment was in regards to Silk being well informed about what's going on, and the rest of us not so well informed, that was all.

I too do not understand what exactly I'm supposed to do with the stand alone files.
Tom wrote:
The system also only supports a subset of DM, primarily lacking the 4.0 skin/interface system, although that may be something we can update over time. But, as you can see, keyboard, mouse, input, output, and map-based support all works quite well, and this should be a very exciting direction for BYOND games!

Does the client at least read from the interface file to see where the output and input are placed? And if so, does it support multiple outputs and inputs and the winset() proc used on them?
I think it is more that Silk could bring in a ton of revenue, I do not think any BYOND game has been monetized to a break even above minimum wage per time spent developing rate yet.

About the flash client, does it import macros from the interface system? I am fully developing my game with the flash client in mind so I definitely want to remain compatible. Some early guidelines on what features will not be compatible would be GREATLY appreciated.
I am very confident that some BYOND games could make their authors a full-time income if they got them listed in the proper avenues. Hopefully the Flash will help somewhat there.

The flash client does support full macros. It doesn't currently position the input/output (in fact, there is no specific input bar as that is currently expected to be handled as macros + input box). We should be able to configure that stuff eventually, though. The more difficult interface controls are things the browser and grid.

Obviously exclusively map-based games are the ideal candidates for the first run, which is one reason we are using NEStalgia for our development.
Once I get more content and art into my latest single-player project, I'd be happy to help test it. It's entirely map-based.
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Good to know. I'm trying to make Feval compatible with the Flash client while I do some major updates to it. Looks like I'll be using 100% map objects, even for outputs and inputs. Hopefully it performs well.

Great news, I don't like playing with interfaces anyway. I am trying to be very cautious of popup inputs or anything that would struggle with compatibility. Is maptext currently supported? That isnt particularly interface related but for some reason I feel as though it might be derived from that functionality somehow.
Here's a question I have in reference to macros for usage with Flash: Is it possible to switch between macro sets at this time? My reasoning is because that is how I currently utilize onscreen input by switching between different macro sets (from whatever macro set you are using to the input mode macro set and vice versa).
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Albro1 wrote:
Once I get more content and art into my latest single-player project, I'd be happy to help test it. It's entirely map-based.
Popup alerts and inputs should all work. Maptext isn't in yet (just because we haven't updated with the latest changes), but should be in an early release.
Cool, I'll use it anyway then. I dont want to avoid maptext, that is a good feature. I'm surprised that popup features work okay, I guess I'll use them if need be but I tend to avoid them anyway.
I think popup alerts should be purposefully left out just because they're so damn ugly. ;)
In the Flash, you can configure their display somewhat (we'll probably support that for the windows exe too).
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Ah, then I'm interested. ;)
Bankdock's reply did make me wonder about macros. My project uses Forum_account's Keyboard library, which uses winset() to automatically set a macro for every key. How are macros going to be supported in Flash?
Macros work fine.
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