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I'd like to see MouseEntered(), MouseExited(), Click(), etc. work with atoms with maptext but without an icon.
Yes, for the love of God.
+1 excellent idea!
Do it... Do it now...please?... No, really, +1. This seems about as valuable as an increased zoom on the map editor. This and that would help a lot.
Galactic Soldier wrote:
mouse_opacity to 0.

Good luck with that.

Clicking doesn't even register unless you click the icon. If I have a 32x32 icon and set bound_width to 96, it wont register unless I click the icon.
A) You can't determine the amount of space that maptext uses, unless you actually calculate the dimensions of the font, which requires external fun.

B) If you use maptext_width/height to determine the clickable area, you're most likely going to be left with a shit-ton of space that unintuitively interacts with the mouse.

C) What if I want -just- the text to interact with the mouse and none of the padding?
Use a 32x32 icon with something like this and Click() will only register if you click the icon. If you are going to make a point otherwise, then show us.
bound_width = 64
mouse_opacity = 2
usr << src
A) Go ahead and post a snippet then, because I'm a bit curious.

B) Aside from your JavaScript workaround, what would you suggest for estimating the size of the text field. I can't think of anything better than the bounds of the text.

C) Who said I was using tiny ass letters?
I'd like the option of mouse features working on the text itself or in the bounds of the text. I also think that mouse features should be based on the bounding box of atoms. If any of you have any reason why it shouldn't be based on the bounding box, please point it out. Maybe we can work out a good solution.
I didn't think that you would post one because I figured that you were talking out of your ass. If you want to post workarounds and solutions, go to Developer How-To. We don't need asshats like you you and F_a coming into Feature Requests and personally denying every request while posting uselessly shoddy workarounds.

On topic, though, I guess with the move to big icons, mouse_opacity moved to the bounds of the icon itself, which makes sense. What you're talking about is moving mouse_opacity into the realms of bounds. There are a few things that you have to take into account here.

1) What happens if you have a big icon that is of completely different dimensions that bounds?
2) Backwards compatibility. What about games that rely on the former functionality?
3) Can you switch between the functions? Can you combine them?

Really, I just want to put a big word on the screen and be able to click on the maptext to access the object's functions.
I think the logical way to do this would be through anchor tags on the text, which could invoke Topic(). That's something that we have planned.

As far as the mouse procs, it does seem like we should account for bounds, at the very least when the atom is opaque. I'd consider that a bug.
Any news here? The status hasn't changed, so I can only assume after Tom's reply nothing was done.
You guys know you can use an icon with a gray alpha layer of like 01 and it's practically invisible but can still be clicked yeah?

... just sayin.

I know you shouldn't have to but it's an alternative in the meantime.