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How ya doing, we are hosting and playing W-Bat and WoHR alot along with blockminers!
We all love your games!

With Happiness from, Funkyman,Alitron123,ELgears,Lexeous Kun, TikTik, and of course the rest of the daily WoHR community!
Really enjoyed your generiquest, it has the makings for a really great byond game. I hope you are still working on it and if not would you consider hosting the source files or giving them to me? I have someone interested in hosting and working on it if you have given up on the project, otherwise great work and we look forward to it!
Why don't you be my coder? i pay 10$ an hour under the table that's more than most pay im just like you i have alot original ideas your one of the best developers out there ive played nearly all your games and i think wed make a good team
Count me in for the card game. Nothing quite like something new to quell the monotony of routine.
... You should add an option to take on an NPC. Some people wouldn't like to wait around.
Happy to see your still making games. I like war heros i think it was before the time i started playing original games on byond though but i see you pretty good a making games. look forward to testing Manacept.
need a little help can you help me
im totaly new here
and i want to make card games
but i dont know how to start and need some one who i can follow
do you mind ?
I can solve all your money problems, as crazy as that may sound. But all the great people were deemed crazy in their time.