Bleach: Way of the Soul

by Legend gordon
Bleach: Way of the Soul
Welcome to BWOTS Role-play
Garganta are not usable by humans without the guidance of hollows, as otherwise it would fall under the metagame rules. Furthermore, you proceeded to interact with Shinigami as if having full IC knowledge of them - which you, nor the majority of humans on Earth, have knowledge of. You will remain banned until it is seen fit to have you removed from the list of banned people.
What happened to the server?
Someone has been DDOSing since yesterday at about 3pm. Our ISP has been contacted and support should be issued for the shell sometime today, and whomever is responsible will likely be reprimanded.

The Bleach Way of the Soul's systems are down. Please enjoy the song in the meanwhile.
Bleach Way of the Soul's new link is byond://


Bwots is back up and running under new management that plans to turn the game into what it was meant to be. The best bleach roleplaying game byond has ever seen that is! Come on and join us the wipe just started.
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