Hey guys, sorry I've taken so long to post on my blog. I know I promised some exciting stuff from time to time and I kept telling myself to post this "Anti-Racism" blog from my MSN MySpace but I seem to not that'll be posted in a few days but I want concentration put towards this.

You know it's funny - wherever I go I see people downgrading Jews (and I hope they don't mind if I use that word, it's shorter). People see it as fun to disgrace Jews or diss them because of an event that happened towards them.

To those people I have only one question - What do you really have against them? As stupid as it sounds, we're punishing the believers of the Jewish religion for being punished by Hitler and the Germans. People say what Hitler and the Germans did to the Jewish population was nasty, uncalled for and racist - but is what we do any better?

People feel as if backchatting Jews is cool, something that makes them "socialable". All over the world, Jews are picked on by others and disrespected in a way no one should deserve to be for your beliefs. Now - I understand only 1/3 of you reading this blog may understand this bit but tell me, aren't we treating them the way Americans use to treat black people?

People discriminated against blacks because of their colour, we were notified as "different" because the colour of our skin was different to theirs - because it was darker. We discriminate against Jews but what true reasons do we have? "They were massacred and killed by the Nazi party, duh!" - Wtf? You're saying a valid reason to pick on a race is because they were punished and enslaved without reason by an association of people? Read that that a valid reason to mock Jews?

We seem to not understand that by doing that - we're only punishing them for being punished. It's like me punishing you because you were abused by someone. Do you think that's right? I don't know how many people will read this or how many will even care but if you do - atleast have the respect to link this to your BYOND Membership area.

Atleast give them that respect...

I've never really seen much anti-semitism. Of course, I live in Australia, so it isn't quite the same.
I think it has a lot to do with people's insecurity. They do not have anything they are proud of in their own life, so they pick something that seems different and attack it, channeling their inadequacies and rage. They project their demons and failings to this outside group and blame them for all the problems. It's alot easier than taking responsibility for one's own life, I suppose.
That problem isn't just related to Jews. You also get religious beliefs (both for AND against Christianity. Both groups get harassed badly), sexual orientation, ad infinitum.

If there is ANYTHING about a person that makes him different from someone else, people will find reasons to pick on him.
Your banner is silly. To make it better, add pictures of Uncle Adolf!
I made a better banner, Traiken.