I uploaded screenshots for all of the games on my hub, except for Walker; as I do not currently have the source.

Its a rather silly story, as I just recently got a new laptop. I managed to move quite a few folders over, however I failed to move the folder that contained Walker; as by the time I got it compressed I found my computer has a virus. I haven't had the time to work on removing it, though I should soon.

On a final note, I am planning on working on one of my projects or making a new one.
Cool... Er, I mean other than losing a project and suffering from a computer virus. ;)

Is Riverside on the menu? I've been meaning to offer some feedback for quite some time, but I can't give it the attention it deserves at the moment.

By menu I assume you mean hub? It should be under games at the side.

I meant as one of the projects you said you are planning to work on. =)
Oh, I took that in the wrong definition, sorry.

Yeah, I've been thinking of adding something interesting recently; something such as attack types and weaknesses.