(Rather long post.)

While thinking over what to update or make, I happened upon quite a few old unfinished projects. I doubt I'll ever finish or work on them much, but some are rather interesting.

Specifically, an unnamed project I had called "Project Nexus"; it was a side scrolling adventure shooter modeled after Metroid, but also a bit of Cave story. I stopped working on it due to lack of motivation, and because of quite a few bugs which I couldn't gander on how to fix.

I found it to be one of my best made games, which I had used two libraries to make; though I forget which. It had gravity, mouse based aiming and shooting, upgrades, and two types of enemies. And rather buggy acid, which would hurt you over time.

However after quite some time I had lost all my motivation, and had a few bugs; as I said before.

Another one is a slightly complex circuit system, which uses volts from the battery to power the equipment; when you press the switch it creates one volt which goes into the battery, giving it enough power for two volts, the volts then follow the wires into the required power, then go back to the switch and will continue along if the switch is still on.

Though this isn't identical to a real circuit system, it is rather close. There was only two powered objects, a lightblub and a fan. The lightblub simply lit up when it was powered, while the fan created wind objects which could blow out candles. Yet again I lost motivation, but mostly due to a large amount of bugs.

This one was rather simple, you controlled the two magnets using the arrow keys. When you pressed the up arrow key the magnets would go forward, locking onto whichever box was in-front of them, then when you would move, the boxes would follow. You could combine the nails and steel to create metal plates, which you put onto the conveyor belt to exit the factory. After you got ten metal plates you could upgrade the walls, which was simply to add some sort of goal.

However I haven't seen any use for upgrading or continuing my work on it, as it was simply based off a few things on my desk.

This took up quite a lot of my time a while back; a Doctor who RTS, for those of you who don't know, doctor who is a british sci-fi/fantasy show. This project was rather close to being done; but it was heavily bugged, felt cramped, and I had no ideas on how to finish the attack system.

This is quite possibly my craziest project ever; "Torpedo Pinapple". The basis was absolute nonsense, it was supposed to be a pac-man clone. You played as a "torpedo pineapple" and ate nuclear waste, while being chased by your biggest enemy; mangoes. If you ate a container of the waste, you grew a face and could eat your enemies.

Was I high when I made this? Sadly no, I was just rather bored. Why did I stop working on it? There were way too many bugs, all of which rather annoying.

A while back I tried to do a game a day for a week; which I managed to do, somehow. This was one of them, a simple side scrolling space shooter with two waves; a wave of around 30 alien "space worms", and a boss wave, it had a giant alien space worm which shot gunk blasts at you. As it was in my game-a-day-for-a-week, I never felt like adding to it.

I made this the day isometric mapping-iconning came out, it was simply called "ISO-RPG". It had money, a woodcutting skill, and a simple quest.
The quest was to get the brown haired guy a single log, which he would give you an axe to do. Then the guards would disappear letting you progress, though that was all to the game.

However the RSC kept messing up, and I lost motivation on it as I don't really enjoy working on RPGs.

And finally, my favorite of my old projects:

I have always been interested in military things, and submarines; which this was a product of.

It was entirely team based, it required six players to play, but it worked fine and was actually quite fun. You had to destroy the other teams submarine, which you could do with torpedoes; this sounds easy but actually took quite some time.

There were three jobs, Navigation, Eyes, and Torpedo controller, Navigation entered a Y and X location, which the submarine would go to, the "Eyes" was the only person who could see outside the submarine, thusly they had to estimate how far in which direction to go if they saw the submarine or land. The torpedo controller simply fired the torpedoes when told by the eyes, and then reloaded after three shots.

It actually happened to work well, I played at least five rounds in all of its time; it was fun.
Though it needed five other people to play, which took quite a long time; but was worth it, and it was actually finished.

In closing, I do have a lot of projects, however these are simply the ones in a single folder; I have a whole other folder full of other old projects. But as I stated in my last post, I do not currently have that folder. I will attempt to aquire the folder from my desktop hopefully rather soon, as I haven't had the time to clean it of the virus it has.