Pokémon BYOND Online

by Flame48
A new Pokemon game in the making!

Good Luck on the game :)
Kozuma3 wrote:
Good Luck on the game :)

Thanks :P
good luck on game cant wait to play
Not a fan of clones, but good luck all the same, bro.
Looks Cool So Far XD
Looks Nice, I hope it will be an Succesfull game.
Oh hey, a pokemon game on BYOND that'll actually replicate the real games. Hope this goes far.
Well honestly, i dont like the whole "GBA" screen play, but your already far developed in that...so nvm that. Out of curiosity, If its codeable, make sure you add the effects of the actual moves(hopefully you already put thought into this). If you don't have effects of the moves, then this game would be no different from the other games with GBA screen play.
looks great.
Cant wait to play this one!
Looks amazing I ca't wait to play =)
u should host it, it looks awsome