Grahf. Silk didn't mean for the ranking system to be completely ignored either, in spite of his feelings that are peppered throughout the post. He's just making a warning against not trying out games solely because of their standing on the rank. He did suggest to try out some on the top.

I do agree with what you said, but just take care that you don't alienate yourself from the rankings as a conscious attempt to avoid associating with popular opinion. It contributes to making people seem rebelliously cranky. :-/
I understand what Silk is trying to say. I'm just taking it to the next step. I didn't say once for people not to look at the ratings. I basically said they were flawed and that I'm not going to take part in them for my own reasons. I suppose I shouldn't have included that with my first statement about agreeing with SilkWizard because it made it seem like we share identical views on the situation.

It's not a mere attempt to disassociate myself with popular opinion. I just don't like how much popular opinion plays a role in our society. That's why I'm so against it. It doesn't mean that I'll dislike a person just because he likes mainstream music, but I will make it clear to him/her what kind of music I do like.

Besides, I play games on BYOND mostly for the community aspect. Of course, that doesn't mean I'll actually play a game I don't consider fun just to hang out with specific people. The most I'd do is chat. :P

Then again, these are just my perceptions. You don't truly have to take these to heart. :)

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